Thursday, May 04, 2006


FIFA Tickets on Sale

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Do You Know The Salary Packages In All Top MNCs ?

Do You Know The Salary Packages In All Top MNCs ?
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Friday, March 24, 2006


Google Search Vs Google Base

You can describe Google Base, simply and accurately, as a service that lets you submit, categorize and describe individual web pages that you own, or any content you provide. Along with categorization, you can upload pictures and describe content to the best of your ability by assigning it parameters. This effectively adds a "human touch" rather than letting Google computers make guesses as to the meaning of your data .
Google Search, in contrast, sends out armies of robots that scour the internet for content, and takes all the data it can find. Based on that data, it categorizes web pages automatically by what it thinks the site is about.

Could this be the beginnings of "Google Search 2.0"?


Google Base in Web Results

If you know about Google Base, you’re pretty much a Google expert... because to find it you need to dig deep into Google’s services. Well, maybe not anymore – Google did the inevitable and is starting to add Base results to their main web search. And why not? Instead of the searcher seeing eBay AdWords for particular products, Google cuts the middle-man here. And this is the point when it becomes even more interesting for people to push their products into Google Base... because all of a sudden your products might be seen by non-developers. Sure, Google Base isn’t eBay yet, but it’s getting a few steps closer (recently, we saw a purchasing mechanism being rolled out).

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Google Unveils Google Finance

Google finally has an answer to Yahoo and MSN’s financial sites in its new beta version of Google Finance. It takes advantage of Google’s long-reaching access to resources such as news and blogs, and offers unique features that users may find helpful and useful enough to steer them away from the sites they used to get their financial news and information from.

These features include a stock chart with plotted news events. When you look up a particular company, you will see a Flash chart with letters corresponding with news on the right side of the page plotted at certain points on the line. So, if the stock of a certain company changed drastically at 10 a.m. today, you can potentially see what the reason for the change was.

Users will also be able to adjust the time zoom on the stock charts without having to reload the page. If you want to view a 3-month zoom, the timeline above the chart will shift to a 3-month span, and the chart below will display this 3-month span in detail, including the news plots mentioned above. This is because of the Flash used to create the chart, but users whose browsers have difficulty with Flash have the option of using a more traditional chart.
Another smooth feature is the management details for each company. Users can scroll their pointer over someone’s name and read a quick bio which includes his/her position in the company, length of service in their position, and their age. Links leading to a more detailed bio and compensation information offered by Reuters as well recent trading activity information offered by Yahoo Finance are also there for users to click on.

Google Finance will cover companies in North America for the time being, but Google plans on expanding its service to cover other countries in the near future.